Our unique process involves a unique translucent “etch” primer that bonds itself on to a polished or chrome plated product. Special dyes are then applied that infuse into the primer to effectively and reliably change the colour of the donor product to complement other finishes within the bathroom. The qualities and benefits of chrome are therefore retained providing a durable and long lasting finish. The levels of translucency can be adjusted to provide a high gloss finish all the way through to a completely matt one.

Things we can do

  • Our process retains the qualities and benefits of the chrome plated or polished surface of the donor product.
  • The mixture of primers and dyes are translucent and allow the finished surface of the donor product to show through.
  • We can refinish chrome plated items that are manufactured from ABS plastic.
  • More than 40 stock paint formulas that can be used to complement existing manufacturer finishes.
  • Matt colours also available
  • The finish creates a permanent and hard-wearing surface.
  • The surface offers a natural barrier against fingerprints and other grease marks – unlike most PVD finishes.

Things we can’t do

  • We do not claim to be a true colour matching service –
    We can change the colour of the donor product to one that complements your desired finish / colours.
  • We do not retro / hand brush brush any product.
  • We cannot change a brushed, matt, or satin surface into a gloss finish.

Here are some examples of our refinishing.
A TECE flush plate originally supplied in chrome and re finished in Satin Brass, Satin Copper & Satin Gunmetal.

Chrome toilet seat hinges refinished in antique gold
Chrome cistern levers finished antique gold & light gold

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