Where to start

Over the last 20 years or so the bathroom has evolved from a functional room into a place of solace and luxury. The incredible design and variety of product available has given you, the consumer more choice than ever before. Having worked in the bathroom industry for over 30 years we find that working with independent ‘owner occupier’ retailers is the best way forward. Many of these stores have been in the local area for years and really know their stuff. In fact, we only work with independent retailers and in turn support the high streets.


Product quality varies hugely with bathroom products. In some cases you will pay more simply because of the brand name, but remember that they have the brand name because of the quality! As far as Arte Form taps are concerned we work with factories primarily in Portugal & Italy. These firms are well respected, have high quality processes and work with environmentally sustainable aims. The internal parts used on Arte Form taps; the cartridges, filters etc are top end goods that will give you years of service.


Many bathroom retailers now offer a design service. The latest 3D design tech is something else, and is well worth any design fee. Although most make a modest charge many will deduct that from your final bill should you run with them. Remember you are tapping into their design skills and knowledge and a small charge is well worth the investment.

3d design


If overall cost is a consideration then these retailers have access to more products than many of the national chains. They want your business so they will do their best to fit your budget but you have to tell them what you want to spend. Whatever your budget, your new bathroom is a significant investment so be sure to take your time and decide wisely.

Buying from the Internet

To supply and fit a new bathroom is sizeable investment. Whatever you spend it becomes part of your home and, as its not a content you take with you when you move, it adds value to your home. Given that on average, we only move home every 20 years in the UK, we advise that you work with your local retailer to get the best value for money.

Working with a Designer

We are often contacted by different designers and specifiers for advice on everything from availability on finishes, installation advice and what will work with what. They work on projects from single small rooms to multiple bathrooms, spas & cloakrooms. This is their day job so they are often on point with the latest trends if that’s your thing! These designers work with local retailers in their area so they can get you the best value and make sure that your bathroom looks stunning.

If you are a designer feel free to call us anytime for advice and guidance.

What about the Fitting

Many retailers work with their own directly employed fitters. Others subcontract teams they have worked with for years. But all will be able to recommend people they trust. Also remember, there is a big difference between a plumber and a bathroom fitter!


Enhance Your Bathroom

A significant way to enhance your bathroom design is by selecting the right brassware.

From accentuating your contemporary style bathroom, consider a few of our favorite brassware ranges below to bring the desired look to your luxury bathroom design. After all the taps and showers are the tactile pieces in your bathroom and can be real statement pieces. All taps are not the same!

Remember, you want that the parts that go inside the wall and get covered over with tiles for 20 years to be good ones! We use environmentally friendly machined brass and high quality cartridges, both of which carry a 15 year warranty against manufacturing defects.


What style should you go for?

Well, the short answer is to buy with your eyes! The amount of choice is pretty much endless so you should probably stick with your first choice. Arteform specialize in bathroom taps and showers only. We leave furniture and ceramics to the manufacturers that do that well.

As such we have both modern and contemporary design. Whatever you choose we would always encourage you to spend your budget on the moving parts of your bathroom. Think how many times you will open and close your taps and showers over the years!

Below are some highlights from our range.


The Flow range is our most popular design. The timeless design element with its gentle curves complement a wide variety of basins and furniture.

Because of the huge appeal we offer the Flow range in 11 different finishes.
The Flow selection has a wide depth of range with everything from basin taps through to shower valves.


One of our personal favorites is the Steam range. An industrial inspired range that our directors had a hand in designing. Working together with an Italian colleague we have this range available in Chrome, Natural Brushed Brass & Matt Black. A unique feature is the ‘Duo Control’ Basin Mono. The Large wheel is for cold water and the smaller for the hot water. This means you only use hot water when you require.


A more contemporary design is our Cruz range. Available in Chrome, Matt Black and Natural Brushed Brass this range lends itself to a more traditional bathroom without being to ‘old world’

We like the square cut of the cross handles and the separate shower valve controls give a smart designer edge in your shower.

Cruz Thermo valve 3 outlet