Arteform uses the latest computer-controlled processes to precisely machine the component parts of each product. Traditionally varying levels of lead were added to the brass to aid workability of the raw material. However, Arteform use low lead & lead-free brass inline with the latest U.S. and EU directives. This process results in greatly reduced energy use compared to the traditional methods of casting molten brass. All raw material created from this process is recovered, recycled, and re-used. Arteform also use 316 grade Stainless Steel for use in the FLOW Brushed Steel range.


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Chrome remains the most popular finish in UK bathrooms.

After the taps are machined the brass is degreased and a primer of nickel is applied. Chrome is then applied and finally polished, producing a hard wearing & durable finish.

Polished Nickel. Often described as the ultimate warm finish, it is a glossy smooth mirror finish with a slight golden tint. Popular with designers for being easier on the eye and less harsh than chrome. This is exclusively available in our London 1916 range.

The FLOW Steel range is manufactured in AISI 316L stainless steel. The steel is not applied to the base material, it is the material. The raw steel is machine brushed to achieve this timeless finish.

Steel is naturally hardwearing and is the only finish that should be used in outdoor, steam, or sauna applications. The highest technical quality within both design and manufacture is reflected in the award of ISO 9001 quality system and ISO 14000 environmental system.

Matt Black has become one of the standout finishes of recent years.

Arte Form use a solvent free powder coat which is baked onto the brass for a long-lasting durable finish.

Matt White is a popular finish. The increase in pastel shades of sanitaryware & bathroom furniture make the matt white finish an ideal partner.

Arte Form use a solvent free powder coat which is baked onto the brass for a long-lasting durable finish.

Polished Brass. After production, the brass is mirror polished and left un-lacquered which will develop a rich patina over time.

Brushed Brass. The brass is machine brushed and left un-laquered which will develop a rich patina over time.

This organic process can be left to produce a truly individual finish to each piece. The original finish can be restored by simply cleaning with a suitable metal polish.

PVD – Physical Vapour Deposition. PVD is a process in which solid titanium is vaporised in a vacuum chamber at a high temperature.

This physical vapour is blended with the recipe of gases to achieve the desired colour.
Once deposited onto the surface of the product it forms an almost indestructible bond.

PVD is ideal for metallic finishes such as Copper and Bronze which would other wise deteriorate quickly