Arteform offer a range of different materials and finishes.
Please ask your retailer for further details.

All special finishes take 8 weeks from date of order.

Whatever finish you select care must be taken when cleaning your taps and showers. We recommend that no harsh cleaners are used. Just warm soapy water with a microfibre cloth is sufficient.

Chrome is applied to the base material for a tough long lasting finish.

Brushed Nickel
brushed nickel
A thick coat of nickel is applied to the base material and then mechanically brushed to achieve the appearance. Nickel has a natural very mild amber hue.

Matt Black / White
satin black
The matt black or white finish is achieved by applying a strong powder coated layer which is then ‘baked on’ to give a tough and long lasting finish.

Polished Brass
polished brass

The polished brass finish is achieved by polishing the raw brass until a natural high luster is achieved. The finished product is unlaquered so it will gradually patina or age giving an antique brass appearance. This is a natural process that occurs over time. A metal polish will quickly restore your products to the polished finish.

Brushed Brass
brushed brass
The brushed brass finish is achieved by cleaning and polishing of the brass to remove any surface blemishes. The product is then mechanically brushed to give the finish. Again, the product is unlaquered so natural ageing will take place. A metal polish can be used to restore the original brushed finish.

Brushed Stainless Steel
brushed stainless steel
Genuine stainless steel products are just that, made from steel rather than a stainless steel ‘look or effect’ Taps made from Stainless Steel are superb quality and are very durable. Once the steel has been machined the components are mechanically brushed. Because the steel is naturally hard the brushing delivers a stunning finish. Stainless steel products are ideal for use outside use.